Leather cutting and sewing

Today, Conectra believes to have the best machines in the market. It’s important for us to have control over the entire process, particularly during pre-production and production.

As a specialized leather sewing contractor, we can handle specific tasks within your project from leather cutting and grading to leather sewing, in Tartu, Estonia.
Our experienced team carries an average of 25 years of experience in leather craft and leatherwork. No project holds any mystery for our experts!

Automated leather cutting offers multiple advantages compared to dies: drastic material savings, consistently-high quality and efficient use of human resources. Conectras advanced technology and expertise help leather-cutting professionals achieve their performance goals and ensure sustainable results

Our primary leather cutting machine is the Lectra TLS

Cutting all types of leather

Natural leathers cannot be physically marked and therefore require special handling. Lectra TLS is unique in its ability to process these hides automatically, using the principles of lean methodology to maximize hide use. More than just a machine for cutting leather, Conectra’s Total Leather Solution is entirely configurable to suit the size of the pieces being cut, allowing companies to maintain constant workflow throughout the cutting process and optimizing hide use.

Customers who have utilized either hand cutting or an upright cutter often find that when using Conectra exclusively as a contract leather cutter, they gain significant savings on their overall per piece cost.